The Best Wooden DIY Mini Desk Toy Everyone is Going Crazy Over

We’ve come up with something pretty cool. A mini crossbow that shoots 6 arrows (toothpicks) in rapid succession.

If you play Age of Empires, you already know about the Chukonu Armies. If you hit the renfaire circuits, you know how much fun these would be “actual size”.

Unfortunately we can only make them in miniature – which is still pretty cool (and a lot easier to pack around)

So if you need something else to swap out with your figit spinner for a spell – grab one of our mini wooden crossbows and start knocking off the apple from your playdoh William Tell’s son. Or maybe a few “whooops” shots if that apple is on Mr. Bill.

It’s all fun.

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Chu-ko-nu 6 Arrow Repeating Crossbow vs The Clay Bad Guy…

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Brand New for 2019: The Chu-ko-nu 6 Arrow Repeating Crossbow

Looking for a unique DIY gift?

Machined in the USA, and assembled by you – the repeating crossbow is engineered with one thing in mind… FUN!

Each Chinese Repeating Crossbow, or “Chu-ko-nu” comes with written instructions, as well as a special link that teaches you how to do the assembly watching OTS (over the shoulder) videos of the co-creators Jerry and Chris.

Your Chukanu is ready to ship!
Your Chukanu is ready to ship!

Each Chu-ko-nu comes packed in it’s own bag, and ready to assemble. From the time you open the bag, assemble the pieces, and allow the glue to dry (we recommend at least 45 minutes) you are ready for action in about an hour.

All you need now is glue, side-cutters and the abilty to follow instructions!

Because of great suggestions from our lawyers, we did not ship any projectiles. You can see in the video that we created our own out of cut toothpicks – which will shoot across the room. Any unsuspecting styrofoam cup will “ka-thunk” with each hit – and as long as you follow our advice of aiming the device away from you, or anyone else, we’ll both do just fine.

modular devices help make over 26 precision cuts on our crossbows

Each crossbow is created with over 26 precision cuts. All designed by our master craftsman, Chris.